Supercharge your static website

Capture email, feedback, feature request and other details on static websites with our customizable UI components and pass the captured data directly to your cloud apps. No need to write backend code

There are 2 parts..

1 Particles

Particles are the UI components. Each component is designed to capture a specific type of input

Customizable & Reusable

Designed for usability

Works with JS frameworks

2 Particle Studio

Particle Studio is our webapp. It lets you customize Particles & configure integrations with cloud apps

Built-in IDE

Real time design preview

Save your customisations

Meet the Particles


Capture email leads

Checks email validity

No page reload

Saves emails in:

Airtable, GSheets & Mailchimp


Capture bug reports

Capture feature request

Define custom tags

No page reload

Creates issue in:

GitHub, GitLab & Trello


Chat with website visitors

Available as Pop-up

Integrates with:



Capture feedback

No page reload

Input validation

Saves feedback in:

Airtable & GSheets

Request a Particle or Integration

Save approx. 12 - 24 hours on every project. No need to develop yet another backend to capture email, feedback or other details

How it works

1 Create Workspace

Create a new workspace for your website in Particle Studio. A workspace contains the following details:

Particles used in a website

Particle customizations

Integration details

2 Add Particles

Choose the Particles you need

Add them to the workspace

3 Customize Particles

Generate Particle layout

Edit the labels

Customize styles

4 Configure Integrations

Connect each Particles to supported cloud services

5 Install Particles

Add Particles to your codebase using npm or script tag

6 Copy-paste code

Copy code from Particle Studio

Paste in your codebase

You're done! 👍

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